NEST:   Network Essentiality Scoring Tool

The NEST is designed to predict the gene essentiality based on protein interaction network and gene expression or CRISPR screen results. However, you can replace the network and expression matrix with any forms of data, as long as their identifiers match each other.

Please input your matrix (Max 10MB). For compressed file, ".gz" and ".zip" are accepted.

String network.

You can download some sample files to test. Please make sure Entrez ID is used for human and mouse. Flybase CG ID is used for fly. Wormbase gene ID is used for worm. SGD systematic name is used for yeast. Please look at our sample networks for examples. Note: This web application only has partial functions of NEST. If you want a different network input, larger matrix and statistical control (P-values), please install our software locally. For CRISPR users, we recommend you to run the statistical control function of NEST (Please see section "Advanced Usage" in README.pdf in software package).